Who is your main character?

Slay Swiftspear

What is your main’s lodestone link?

List all of your relevant alts and provide a lodestone link to each.

No alts

Were you part of Elysium in the past?


Select your most proficient job(s).


Briefly describe your raiding experience.

No past raiding experiences from previous tiers. Only just started playing seriously beginning of March 2019 after quitting Tera (started levelling on FFXIV last year but quit during the levelling process). Experienced all the current savages content strictly through the help of friends and use of the Party Finder.

Are you willing to lead a raid team?


Provide gameplay footage, from your perspective, that best demonstrates your playstyle. Provide commentary that explains errors or furthers our understanding of your gameplay decisions.

I play fairly safe during progging for UCoB since I have high ping (180ms from Australia) and not really experienced with the content as a whole therefore I rarely greed during these situations. Also since I'm new to UCoB, I'm still in the process of experimenting with different openers and rotations because there's a lot that can change (getting hatches, fireball, target liquid hell). This is why sometimes you'd see me start with Disembowel straight into Jump > Chaos Thrust > Dragonfire Dive > Wheeling Thrust which would let me squeeze in WT's positional (depending on whether I clip a lot or not with high ping / almost always have to adjust if ping spikes), or I'd start with Disembowel >True North > Chaos Thrust > Jump > Wheeling Thrust > SSD which would let me hit all my positionals and position early so I don't mess up Twisters (with the disadvantages of not having True North for when the boss moves. I try to use Elusive Jump whenever I can especially when I get hatch so I can move back to the boss quicker keeping my uptime. In fights that I'm more familiar with, usually O9S to O12S, I tend to play more greedy and hit risky positionals and Elusive Jumps much more.

Provide FFLogs/ACT parses from all Omega (Savage) turns you have completed.

This recruitment is attempting to bring in exceptional players to the free company. What makes you an exceptional player?

I believe that I can learn any fights very quickly if I put my mind to it, the same way I just started playing this game and can play an above average level (3 months of playing FF). I've been trying to expand my classes and have seen good results within a short period of time (currently learning Monk and Astro). I will always play my best and push my limit even with high ping and I'm almost always never happy with the current damage numbers that I can hit. I always want to hit higher and become a better player. Having that mindset, I believe is what make an exceptional player.

Do you have a working microphone and Discord access?


What is your Discord ID?

さようなら #9999

List your preferred raid days and hours/timeframe.

My times are pretty dynamic since I have school / looking for a part time job & in a 5.0 static + UCoB static. My available times are normally 6pm+ EST with more time being opened on the weekend (that is if there's no scheduled raids).

What else would you like to add? What other hobbies do you have? Do you play other games? Do you enjoy Chinese cartoons?

I moved to FFXIV from TERA and I was very competitive in my previous game. Made the switch because that game is currently very dead and I don't feel any sort of achievement competing against 3 other players. Though I'm from Australia, most of my friends are from NA (people that I've met on TERA) so I don't really play other games since I have high ping if I were to play with NA peeps. I do though play your typical games like OW, LOL, PUBG, osu etc,. Lastly I'm a huge weeb and Tera people likes to call me a "dumb erper" :^)

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