Progression Teams Announced for Eden’s Gate


The first savage raid of Shadowbringers is upon us, and Elysium is ready to answer the call! Our raid team rosters are as follows:

Free 2 Play

Nepu Nepu
Layla Bell
Sindalf Sindalf
Solitary Flower
 Foldasaurus Rex
Guin Pie
Syl Ly
 Sfia Pirion


Perezident Replay
Saeno Abes
Youko Tsukihime
Memi Saurus
Balthier Sake
Melody Memo
Alessandra Floriani
Kuru Mi


Tera’ul Fiora
Mitzi Nowl
Zoop Taru
Ashelynn Aeria
Eo To
Kubi Snaxx
Happie Gilmore
Balana Rahl


Daeriion Aeradiir
Lust Kazeyoi
Cellar Oppa
Fabulous Mitty
Ka Zu
Alice Lovelytroll
Sartigan Hawk
Chyea Chyea

Only goinape will be streaming this time, make sure to drop by their streams to check in on their progress!

We hope you’ll cheer for our teams as we prepare for the World Race ahead! Make sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with our teams’ progress.


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