Hi friends.  A number of people have been asking about the best way to level the DoL jobs so I figured I would put together this little guide to give everyone an idea of what to expect.  To be clear, this guide isn’t meant for someone new to the game or starting from level 1.  I’m going to assume you have some idea of most of the concepts that have been a part of the DoL jobs in Heavensward.  I will be sharing some charts from garlondtools.org.  It is by far my favorite site for crafting and gathering resources.  I strongly recommend you use it as well.

What gear should I use?

I had fully melded Ironworks gear.  You most definitely do not need that for leveling, but it will likely make the process more smooth.  With a full set of Ironworks you won’t need to upgrade anything until you hit level 70.  If you don’t have Ironworks, I would suggest looking for cheap nq DoL gear that you can pick up every two levels.  This gear is all available from vendors, but you will likely be able to get it cheaper on the market board.  The most important thing is that you always have at least 600 gp.  650 gp would be even better.  We need this 600 gp minimum to do a proper collectible rotation.

What new abilities are there?

Level 61: Impulsive Appraisal II
Probably the most useful of the bunch. Take the old Impulsive off your bar and pop this bad boy in there.  Like many of the other SB abilities, it scales with the amount of perception you have on your gear.  You can see how much of a benefit you are getting from it by checking the combat log.

Level 63: Leaf Turn III / Unearth III
Replaces  Leaf Turn II. Scales with perception.

Level 65: Endless Toil of the Pioneer (Trait) / Endless Toil of the Mountaineer (Trait)
This is great. Any node 60 and below will show you the items on it. Also saves you a hit.  Unlock this with the 65 quest.

Level 67: Nophica’s Counsel / Nald’thal’s Counsel 
Not terribly useful.

Level 68: Bountiful Harvest II / Bountiful Yield II
Scaled extra hits. Maybe useful for low level stuff

Level 70: Enhanced GP Regeneration (Trait)
So uhhh. They shit the bed on this one. Old gp regen was 5 per tick.  This bumps you to 6 gp per tick. I mean it’s still more gp but come on man.

What’s the best way to level?

Collectibles! Woooo! SE made some huge improvements to the current system with unspoiled nodes. They now last two in game hours instead of one. (From 2min50sec to 4min40sec.) This makes a huge difference in terms of getting to the nodes on time. On top of this, they spaced out all of the leveling nodes beautifully. If you arrive right when it spawns you don’t need to cordial in between nodes anymore! (Still a good idea to bring some if you are late.) Leves still give a good chunk of exp and can be done in between nodes for maximum exp gain per hour.
Here’s a timeline showing the new leveling nodes:

And a list of the items:

Raw triphane and beech branches are available off the bat. Raw star spinel and bamboo shoots are available at 61. Raw azurite and lotus root don’t unlock until you hit level 66. Once you can hit these last two your exp gain shoots through the roof. Also, you’ll be getting a good bit of red scrips that can go toward the new folklore books.
And the collectible rotations:

Either rotation will work for getting exp/scrips. The first one is going to be the most reliable, no rng way to go about it. If you want to go wild and embrace the rng gods you can try the second rotation for a chance at extra hits. If you have 650 gp you should use a Field Mastery / Sharp Vision before you collect the node.

What do I do once I’m 70?

Make money! Farm all the things that the DoH jobs need to level up. You can easily be making 1k+gil per swing on a regular node right now. Some high value items on regular nodes are going to be koppranickel sand/ore, doman iron sand/ore, durium sand/ore,molybdenum ore, bloodhemp, ruby cotton boll, kudzu vine, and twincoon. In terms of timed nodes, the only one that jumps at me is ala mhigan salt which spawns at 1. The new salt is on all of the new pots meaning it will probably be very valuable for a long time. The other valuable item you can farm is dusklight sand.
That brings us to the very fun activity of ephemeral nodes! Aetherial reduction farming is pretty much the same as it was before. As of right now at 5 / 8 and up you can get sands from aetherial reduction. The sands are decided by which nodes you hit, not by quality. Almandine and doman yellow give dusklight sand! You will need the level 70 gear to get higher than 4/8 on the level 70 nodes. Here is the rotation you probably want to use for these:

That pretty much wraps it up.  If anything in this is inaccurate please message me at malspills#8741.  Happy leveling!


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