• Churn
    • Bubble animation followed by a blue debuff (10s)
    • Around 3s remaining, any action will cause the debuff to inflict severe damage once it wears off
  • Assail
    • High damage mini-buster (Possibly cleave)
  • Yata no Kagami
    • Orange icon similar to the spread icon of Zurvan’s soar
    • Inflicts a knockback
  • Rasen Kaikyo
    • Ground AoEs similar to Weight of the Land
  • Seasplitter
    • Large AoE
    • Safe zone is a line between Susano and the target of “Yata no Kagami”
  • Brightstorm
    • Stack mechanic (Uses the generic stack icon)
  • The Parting Clouds
    • Purple ground AoE that stretches from the enemy “Thunderhead” to the target of “Yata no Kagami
  • Sheer Force
    • Raid-wide AoE damage
  • Ama-No-Murakumo
    • Susano’s ultimate attack that will instantly KO anyone standing in the red line formed by this attack
  • Stormsplitter
    • Tank Buster
    • Inflicts Physical Vulnerability Up
  • Levin Bolt and Electrocution
    • Two separate attacks that happen consecutively
    • Electrocution inflicts higher damage
  • Hidden Gate
    • Encases one random player in an Ama-No-Iwato
    • Attempts to hide which rock the player is encased in by mixing the rock among fake Ama-No-Iwatos
    • Breaking the player’s Ama-No-Iwato will save them from instant KO
  • Ukehi
    • Raid-wide AoE damage
Part One: Pull until third Assail

This phase has nothing special outside the individual mechanics. Susano attempts to combine several mechanics in hopes of making them difficult to resolve.

  1. Assail
  2. Churn
  3. Yata no Kagami + Seasplitter -> Brightstorm
  4. Assail
  5. Churn + Rasen Kaikyo
    1. You have enough time to dodge the puddle and then stand still for the Churn mechanic
  6. Yata no Kagami + Seasplitter + Parting Clouds
    1. Susano will summon “Thunderhead” prior to this combination — it is a dark cloud add that sits outside the arena
    2. Whoever is targeted with Yata no Kagami should look where the cloud spawns relative to the front and back of the boss
      1. If cloud is directly in front of or behind Susano, the Yata no Kagami target should run perpendicular to the cloud
      2. If the cloud is closer to the front of the boss, Yata no Kagami target should stand in front of the boss
      3. If the cloud is closer to the back of the boss, Yata no Kagami target should stand at the rear of the boss
    3. The reason we chose this positioning is because we want to avoid a scenario where Parting Clouds covers the entire safe zone created by Yata no Kagami
  7. Assail
Part Two: Sheer Force until Ame-No-Murakumo

Unlike the previous phase, this phase is less focused on combining simple mechanics and more focused on coordination. The general approach to this phase is as follows:

  1. One tank will use “Blade’s Shadow” to repel Susano’s attack — they will suffer “Flesh Wound” (A high damage DoT)
  2. The other tank will pick up orbs floating towards the “Blade’s Shadow” tank
  3. An AoE called “Sheet Force” will inflict raid damage
  4. A DPS check will occur — you must defeat “Ame-No-Murako” before its cast bar resolves

This sequence of events will occur twice. However, since the tank that uses “Blade’s Shadow” will suffer Physical Vulnerability Up afterwards, it is recommended that tanks swap responsibilities in the second round.

After completing two rounds, Susano will ready his ultimate attack: Ame-No-Murako. Avoid the red line emanating from this attack — it will instantly KO anyone standing in it. Be aware that his ultimate follows every quickly after the second round, so it is advised to keep the raid topped as much as possible during the second round.

Phase Three: First Stormsplitter

Like the first phase, subsequent phases combine mechanics in order to augment their difficulty

  1. Stormsplitter
    1. Either invincible this attack or tank swap to avoid tanking with Physical Vulnerability Up
  2. Levin Bolt and Electrocution 4x (In succession)
    1. A random player, other than the main tank, will receive a purple icon similar to Lightning bolt from Thordan
    2. That player will receive an initial hit called “Levin Bolt.” This will trigger subsequent damage called “Electrocution” — an AoE that deals about 14-17k damage
      • The arena is partitioned by Susano’s ultimate attack. By having the raid on one side and the Levin Bolt target on the other side, you can avoid hitting the raid with the AoE damage from “Electrocution”
    1. Ukehi 2x
  3. Yata no Kagami + Seasplitter + The Parting Clouds -> Brightstorm
  4. Use the same strategy from Part 1’s Yata no Kagami + Seasplitter + Parting Clouds
Phase Four: Second Stormsplitter
  1. Stormsplitter
  2. Levin Bolt and Electrocution 2x -> The Parting Clouds -> Levin Bolt and Electrocution 2x
    1. You should approach this mechanic the same way as written in (2). However, a Thunderhead (The cloud add) will spawn outside the arena. This Thunderhead will target the person with the second Levin Bolt and use The Parting Clouds. Therefore, the person with the second Levin Bolt should bait the AoE away from the raid.
  3. Ukehi 3x
  4. Hidden Gate
  5. The player selected for Hidden Gate should reveal which Ama-No-Iwato is theirs by marking their stone or by placing a ground marker
  6. Rasen Kaikyo
Phase Five: Third Stormsplitter
  1. Stormsplitter
  2. Levin Bolt and Electrocution 4x (+Stun)
    1. Unlike previous Levin Bolts, the target of Levin Bolt will be stunned
    2. To avoid hitting the raid with the AoE, the raid, instead of the targeted player, must move to the opposite side
  3. Ukehi 3x
  4. Churn + Yata no Kagami + Seasplitter -> Brightstorm
    1. Imagine this scenario: Your churn is about to wear off (You cannot move), but you have a stack marker. How do you avoid this situation?
    2. To avoid a tragic interplay between Churn and Brightstorm, you want to do two things: 1) Have the boss tanked near an edge 2) Have the boss tanked facing the edge of the arena instead of the center of the arena
      1. Once these conditions are met, you can overcome the Churn + Brightstorm problem by having the Yata no Kagami target stand on the tank
      2. The reason this solves the problem is that it minimizes the knockback distance and minimizes the amount of movement necessary for the raid
    3. The effect of Seasplitter resolves before Churn and Churn resolves before Brightstorm
      1. That means you should position yourself in a safe spot for Seasplitter before you worry about Churn
      2. This also means you should prioritize standing still for Churn over running to the raid for Brightstorm
    1. Rasen Kaikyo
Phase Six: Fourth Stormsplitter
  1. Levin Bolt and Electrocution (+Stun)
  2. Ukehi 3x
  3. Rasen Kaikyo -> Churn -> Rasen Kaikyo
    • After dodging Rasen Kaikyo, wait for both Churn and the second set of Rasen Kaikyo before returning to the boss
    • If you return too quickly, you risk Churn activating and you end up dropping AoEs around Susano
Phase Seven: Fifth Stormsplitter
  1. Levin Bolt + Electrocution
  2. Levin Bolt + Electrocution+ Rasen Kaikyo
  3. Levin Bolt + Electrocution + The Parting Clouds
    1. Just like in Phase Four (2), you want to bait The Parting Clouds away from the raid
  4. Levin Bolt + Electrocution + Rasen Kaikyo
  5. Yata no Kagami + Seasplitter + The Parting Clouds -> Brightstorm
    1. Use the same strategy as in Phase Three (4)
  6. Ukehi 3x
  7. Hidden Gate
    1. Same strategy as in Phase Four (4)
  8. Levin Bolt + Electrocution
  9. Levin Bolt + Electrocution + The Parting Clouds
  10. Levin Bolt + Electrocution
  11. Levin Bolt + Electrocution + Yata no Kagami + Seasplitter
    1. Position the Yata no Kagami such that there is a line that cross both sides of the arena
    2. The reason you do that is because you want there to be a safe spot on the Levin Bolt side and the raid’s side
  12. Rasen Kaikyo
  13. Yata no Kagami + Seasplitter + The Parting Clouds -> Brightstorm
  14. Rasen Kaikyo
  15. Ukehi 3x
  16. Hidden Gate
  17. Rasen Kaikyo

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