Team Compositions

For best results, a 1 tank, 2 heal, 5 dps comp is ideal. All of the fights can be solo healed but it is much more safe to bring a second healer. Also it will be a much smoother run if you have one shield healer and one hot healer in each team. You don’t necessarily need 5 dps either, but more damage means shorter encounters and more room for error.

Logos Actions

Logos Actions play an enormous role inside BA.
For all your logos crafting needs and recipe lists head to
There are some actions you will need in each team, and others that simply add dps.
Here is a breakdown for the whole raid in terms of what the needed actions are, and then which are the ideal choices for each role.


  •  2 Perception L (1 should go east, 1 west to detect traps)
  •  2 Feint L (1 in the support group, 1 in the raid)
  •  2 Spirit Darts 
  •  2-3 Protect L
  •  2-3 Shell L
  •  2-3 Bravery L (not mandatory but brings a ton of free dps)
  •  56+ Spirit of the Remembered (everyone should have multiple)
  •  2 Dispel L (2+ for support team)
  •  5+ Sacrifice L (kept in a separate loadout with Remembered to res)

Ideal Setups:

  •  Tanks: Guardian/Indomitable and Feint L/ Rapid Recast L
  •  HoT Healers: Aetherweaver and Bravery L/ Protect L/ Shell L/ Magic Burst L
  •  Shield Healers: Ordained and Brave L/ Protect L/ Shell L/ Magic Burst L
  •  Melee: Dualist and Rapid Recast L
  •  Ranged: Fiendhunter and Rapid Recast L 
  •  Caster: Elder and Magic Burst L
  •  The Safeboy: Platebearer and really anything. For learning fights the first time Platebearer is great. However if too many people use it, it’s very possible to fail the dps checks on AV and Ozma and you will hit the enrage. Once you know the fights you should switch to the Obscure dps Wisdoms. (Elder/Dualist/Fiedhunter)
    You might prefer to opt for the poverty magicite 4/1 option instead, providing you adequate defense (setup), thus allowing you to survive most mechanics with a sliver of health if you were to make a mistake and allowing you to take an offensive Wisdom.

A few notes:
You need to be super careful when using Double Edge and Eagle Eye Shot. They have a decent likelihood of pulling off the tanks. Only people who are confident in their threat management should consider using these. Double Edge is also a great way to murder yourself from the damage you do to yourself syncing up with an AoE. Actions like Refresh do slightly speed the run up, but are useless on the bosses themselves so I don’t feel they add much value.

Everyone should be making a single Remembered and popping it before they put on any other logos actions. If you have the extra slots, make a backup Remembered too that you should use if you die in a fight. Also consider bringing an extra main loadout in case you die.

Resurrection Mechanics

You cannot raise inside BA through traditional means. There are only three methods to revive inside BA. The first is the classic Healer LB3, but the other two are tied to logos actions:

The first is Spirit of the Remembered.

If you die, this gives you a 70% chance to be revived on the spot. You want to always have this buff active.

Now in the event your Remembered doesn’t proc, Sacrifice comes into play.

Sacrifice is the only way to get someone up off the floor. We use both of these abilities to make Sacrifices chains. Let’s say Dps A dies to simple mechanics. After the fight ends, healers who have Sacrifice paired with Remembered line up near the body. Healer B will go first by casting Sacrifice on Dps A. Dps A will be raised and there is a 70% chance that Healer B will be revived after the doom from his Sacrifice kills him. If Healer B does not revive, Healer C uses Sacrifice on Healer B. You repeat this Sacrifice chain until everyone is up again.

Outside Preparation

There are a number of things that can be done outside of BA to increase your chances at success. To be clear, nothing on this list is mandatory by any means, but you should be doing some of these things to maximize your chances at success.


Aethertight Flasks are a way to expand your Logos Actions slots from 3 up to 6. These flasks have a chance to drop from Silver Bunny chests. Turn the flasks in to the Expedition Alchemist in Central Point. Note that once you have upgraded to 6 slots, future flasks are useless. Having a few extra Logos Action loadouts is extremely helpful for BA. It gives you the ability to bring extra Remembereds and Sacrifices that will take the edge off the resurrection restrictions inside the dungeon.

Elemental Bonus Gear

Elemental bonus is a new stat that was added with Hydatos. It affects the power of each element on your Magia Wheel. While more testing is required to determine exactly how much it increases your damage output, we can safely say that it is significant and you should get your hands on as much Elemental Bonus as possible. There are three types of gear that have Elemental Bonus on them. The first is a fully upgraded relic, the second is +2 Hydatos armor, and the last is the special chests purchased with Damascene Cloth and Cryptic seals that drop within BA. BiS for any job will contain the relic, the special chest, and +2 pieces in the remaining slots. Remember that if you plan on getting the special chest there is no need to purchase the normal +2 chest as well as the normal +2 helm for casters and healers only, or really any of that previous steps for that slot either.


Items ilvl Cost
Hydatos i390 50 Hydatos Crystals
Hydatos +1 i395 100 Hydatos Crystals
Names i400 100 Hydatos Crystals
Eureka i405 100 Hydatos Crystals + 5 Scales
Physeos i405 100 Eureka Fragments

Haste Chests

Items ilvl Cost
Fending Chest i300 2 Cryptic Seals
Maiming Chest i300 2 Cryptic Seals
Striking Chest i300 2 Cryptic Seals
Scouting Chest i300 2 Cryptic Seals
Aiming Chest i300 2 Cryptic Seals
Casting Chest/Helm i300 3 Damascene Cloth
Healing Chest/Helm i300 3 Damascene Cloth


Items ilvl Cost
Helm i380 30 Pyros Crystals + 50 Logos Unlocked
Chest i380 50 Pyros Crystals + 50 Logos Unlocked
Gloves i380 30 Pyros Crystals + 50 Logos Unlocked
Pants i380 50 Pyros Crystals + 50 Logos Unlocked
Shoes i380 30 Pyros Crystals + 50 Logos Unlocked

Items ilvl Cost
Helm +1 i390 30 Hydatos Crystals + All Logos Unlocked
Chest +1 i390 50 Hydatos Crystals + All Logos Unlocked
Gloves +1 i390 30 Hydatos Crystals + All Logos Unlocked
Pants + 1 i390 50 Hydatos Crystals + All Logos Unlocked
Shoes +1 i390 30 Hydatos Crystals + All Logos Unlocked

Items ilvl Cost
Helm +2 i390 21 Eureka Fragments
Chest +2 i390 35 Eureka Fragments
Gloves +2 i390 21 Eureka Fragments
Pants +2 i390 35 Eureka Fragments
Shoes +2 i390 21 Eureka Fragments
Pagos Gear

These are special items that are all optional.

Optical Hat

To get this item you need to collect each of the 5 Hakutaku Eyes in Pagos and craft them into Hakutaku Eye Cluster. WIth the crafted item in your bags, kill the Hakutaku NM in Pagos and you will get gold this time instead of silver, rewarding you with the Optical Hat. The Optical Hat is the least useful of these items because you will want to be using a +2 helm or the Vermillion Cloaks for the elemental bonus stat they have on them.

Speed Belt

The Speed Belt is a rare drop from the King Arthro NM in Pagos. Some people have silly theories like “you have to kill the adds first!” Those are wrong. It’s just a very rare drop from the NM.

Cassie Earring

Cassie Earrings drop from the Cassie NM in Pagos. Cassie never used to spawn. In all 15 relics I only saw her once. Since they have nerfed the content, I’ve fought her 7 times. She is very spawnable. The drop rate is still abysmal though.

Magicite Upgrades

These appear to be independent, meaning it doesn’t matter in which order you upgrade them. In Pyros and Hydatos there is an NPC called the Expedition Engineer. If you tell him you want to upgrade your magia board he will give you a 6th and 7th slot. These are extremely useful for BA as well as any players that wish to solo. I should also say that on most servers this will be very expensive and is not for the faint of heart. All of the items required can be purchased on the MB.

6th Magicite: You will need 3 very rare drops from Pyros NMs.

  1.  Lamebrix’s Dice – Drops from Lamebrix Strickbocks the lvl 45 NM.
  2.  Ying-Yang’s Tissue – Drops from Ying-Yang the 49 NM.
  3.  Skoll’s Claw – Drops from Skoll the 50 NM.

7th Magicite: You will need 3 very rare drops from Hydatos NMs.

  1.  Molech’s Horn – Drops from Molech the lvl 52 NM.
  2.  Goldemar’s Horn – Drops from King Goldemar the 56 NM.
  3.  Ceto’s Claw – Drops from Ceto the 59 NM.
Zoning into the Same Instance

Typically we first get the seven groups in individual discord channels with appropriate comps. When a group is ready (all in Kugane and on proper jobs) we have them send one person up to the leader channel to queue in together. It has taken us up to an hour to successfully all get into the same instance. We countdown 3, 2, 1, queue on voice and try to enter at the same time. The best case scenario is we force a new instance open and all get in. This rarely happens. Usually you will be split up and have to zone in and out many times before you are 7/7. To check who else is in your instance type /sea once inside. You’ll want to sort by time elapsed to see how recently other people have joined the instance. If others have joined in the last minute or two your instance should be joinable. Then check if your instance has space for the rest of the raid. If not, zone out and keep trying. You are looking for an instance that is both joinable and has enough space for you. If another BA premade is attempting the same thing, you’ll need to wait for their instance to either fill up or become locked. It’s a bitch. There’s really not much more you can do but be patient and tell your people to not go afk and miss queues.

Zoning In to Baldesion Arsenal

Ovni is the level 60 NM that spawns the nodes to enter BA. A few quick notes on Ovni. Ovni does not behave like other NMs. You do not need to kill anything to spawn him. In a fresh instance, Ovni will spawn exactly 20 minutes in, as long as elemental level 60 players are present. Bunnies will spawn exactly 10 minutes into a fresh instance if you are unsure about being in a fresh or just recycled instance. You need to bring at least one person with Dispel L if you want to kill him. When Ovni casts Fluorescence he gives himself a stacking dmg buff. Dispel it. If he gets the raid AoE off with one stack it will probably kill a good amount of people. Some groups are very worried about their portals being taken and therefore run from Ovni once he starts to get low.  I would recommend against this. Ovni will occasionally pick someone on his threat list to cast a ground AoE on. If he picks someone halfway across the map he will book it to them and very likely leash. The truth is you have 5 minutes to get to your portals and if someone is dead set on sniping you they are going to if you are in front of it or not. Everyone going into BA needs to get Gold on Ovni or else they will miss the buff that allows portal access.

Blue and Red Nodes

When Ovni dies he will give level 60s a buff that will allow access to the node portals (you need to be level 60 BEFORE you kill him; if the exp from this NM pushes you to 60, it does not count). There are two phases to the nodes. Nodes will begin as Blue/Unstable. To enter BA through a blue node you need an Aetheric Stabilizer. These are a bitch to get, and you do NOT need to get them. The mats for one stabilizer is an Aetherially Conductive Plate (drop from gold and silver bunny chests), Hydatos Clusters, (rare drop from any NM) and Sharlayan Aether Oil (from moist boxes which drop from mutated/adapted mobs.) You can also buy Stabilizers for 500 Anemos, Pagos, and Pyros Crystals. For those of us without stabilizers (aka all of us), we wait five minutes for the Blue Nodes to turn into Red/Stable Nodes. Anyone with the Ovni buff can enter a Red Node.

Node Assignments

We use the map above to assign nodes. The labels are based on the discord channels we use to organize teams. Each team will have an East/West designation which will tell which of the Twins (first boss) they fight. Each team will also have an element tied to it. This designates the tank of each element for trash and elemental rooms. We typically assign the portal numbers by going down each group’s discord list from top down. (In game party list doesn’t work for this.) Lastly, once you get to Ozma, both group 1s will be together at A, both group 2s together at B, and both group 3s together at C.

The Support Role

We call the 7th team that zones in the Support team. This team will not take any of the first wave of 48 portals. Basically, the support team helps to kill Ovni and then gets to just hang out inside Hydatos for the next 30-40 minutes. I like to spawn NMs, but most people would rather chill and do bunnies. Really anything is ok as long as you don’t afk out of the instance. People on the support team should pick up Feint L and Dispel L along with Wisdom of the Breathtaker which increases mount speed. In the pre-Absolute Virtue part of the dungeon the inside team will spawn an NM called Tristitia that upon death will make Absolute Virtue defeatable.

Tristitia Support NM

This NM is spawned on the inside when you place one person in each of the portals on the Astral Tier. Like Ovni, you only have 15 minutes to kill this NM. It will start off with two waves of silly adds. Kill them. Tristitia herself has a few abilities that are worth noting.

  1. Tornado – This is a Dynamo mechanic. You’ll want to dodge on the inside.
  2. Aerora – This is a Chariot mechanic. Dodge outside.
  3. Swiftcast – This will make the 2nd cast he does instant. For example if Tristitia uses Aerora first the Tornado that is coming after will be instant so you will need to get in right away. Tristia will always alternate between the Dynamo and the Chariot so move appropriately.
  4. Shock Strikes – A buff Tristitia casts on itself that causes damage to those that attack it. Needs to be Dispel L’d immediately.
  5. Mighty Strikes – A buff Tristitia casts on itself that causes all of it’s abilities to crit. Needs to be Dispel L’d immediately or it will wipe the instance.
  6. Meteor – Raid wide damage that usually comes out right after a Mighty Strikes cast. Note that this is not proximity based, but simply a raid wipe AoE.
Support Portals

While the initial 48 portals are 100% predictable, the 8 support portals can actually spawn in any arrangement of the original 48 spots. This makes it a bit tricky to zone in without fear of being portal sniped. If you look at the map you will see that there is a higher concentration of portals in the south center. We employ rough assignments to each corner of the map for four of the dps, and tell the tanks/heals to go for the south central portals. There is only so much you can do to guarantee 8/8 of your support team actually get to their portals. Wisdom of the Breathtaker is helpful here.

Baldesion Arsenal Loot Table

Art & Owain

3 Eureka Fragments

1 Damascene Cloth (rare)

1 Cryptic Seal (rare)


6 Eureka Fragments

1 Damascene Cloth (rare)

1 Cryptic Seal (rare)

1 Great Shin-Zantetsuken (rare)

1 Shin-Zantetsuken (rare)

Trash Chests (3/full run)

1 Eureka Fragment

5 Obscure Logograms

1 Damascene Cloth (rare)

1 Cryptic Seal (rare)

Absolute Virtue

6 Eureka Fragments

1 Damascene Cloth (rare)

1 Cryptic Seal (rare)

1 Conditional Virtue (minion) (rare)

Proto Ozma

10 Eureka Fragments

1 Damascene Cloth

1 Cryptic Seal

1 Turmoil Orchestrion Roll

Mount is acquired from the achievement – you must be inside the instance when the fight ends.

Credit for this primer goes to EM’s Mal Reynolds on Gilgamesh.