EM Academy: Glossary of Callouts for Recurring Raid Mechanics


Looking to jump into the raiding scene? This feature is here to walk you through some very common raid callouts you can expect that might otherwise be ambiguous or confusing.  This article is aimed at beginners and displays each mechanic briefly being executed correctly as well as some quick pointers. In the interest of keeping it consolidated, I’ve only mentioned mechanics as they appear or have appeared in end-game raiding, and typically appear frequently in modern fights. A lot of these mechanics do manifest in some way in trials and dungeons, some of which a large portion of the playerbase miss due to using skip potions and wanting to rush to raid with their friends.

This article will be the first in the “EM academy” series of multiple resources for new and aspiring raiders to catch up.

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Double Drill (Origin: A6S)

Related Mechanics: Wings of Destruction (Double) [O8S]

  • Double drill works by selecting and damaging the closest and furthest player from the source.
  • Everyone else but those baiting it must stay away to prevent unnecessary damage and adverse effects.


White Hole (Origin: O4S)

Related Mechanics: Heartless Archangel [O8S], White Hole [O4S]

  • This mechanic punishes you in some way if HP of all players isn’t restored to 100%.
  • A “drain to 1 HP” mechanic is almost always the precursor.


Dynamo / Donut (Origin: T9)

Related Mechanics: Blizzard Blitz [O8S], Lunar Dynamo [T7/UCOB], Spellblade (Fire) [O3S]

  • A mechanic where the only safe spots are close to the target or very, very far.
  • More often than not, just stack in close.


Beam (Origin: A8S)

Related Mechanics: Megabeam [A8S], Magitek Ray [O7S]

  • An obvious beam that still obliterates veterans. The boss will turn and face a random party member and begin charging an often one-shot laser.
  • Focus up!


Ferrofluid / Magnets (Origin:A3S)

Related Mechanics: Positive / Negative Charge [O7S]

  • Works like a magnet.
  • If you and the partner you’re tethered to are the same polarity, move in close to get knocked apart from each other.
  • If opposite polarity, spread from each other to be drawn in.


Petrifaction / Look Away (Origin: T7)

Related Mechanics: Cursed Shriek [O4S], Death’s Gaze [O2S]

  • Look away from the eyeball indicator / target casting or something bad happens.


Blighted Bouquet / Blighted / Don't Move / Stop / Dice (Origin: T6)

Related Mechanics: Radar [O7S], Acceleration Bomb [O4S]

  • This mechanic punishes you for moving and taking actions.
  • In the case of Radar in O7S, this is a bit of a misnomer, as you can still cast, but cannot be moving.
  • Be careful panning your camera with your right mouse button – it can result in failing the mechanic.


Rot / Allagan Rot (Origin: T2)

Related Mechanics: Last Kiss [O6S], Aether Rot [O7S]

  • A “hot potato” mechanic placed on you that must be passed to another player before the debuff timer runs out.
  • Last Kiss is a little different as you just pass it to a tank and it serves as a timed buster, but in most scenarios, you must constantly pass it.

Exaflare (Origin: O4S*)

Related Mechanics: Exaflare [UCOB], Emptiness [O4S]

  • A slow moving AoE that comes in patterns across the arena.
  • Typically after one AoE “puddle” resolves, that spot is safe.

Quickmarch positions / Clock positions / Protean / Sluice
  • This is a more general one where spreading is simplified by having pre-set locations on the arena per person.
  • Can often be called out as “far/close quickmarch/clock positions.”


quickmarch trio 1

Example of positions from Clees’ UCOB guide.

This article was written and edited by Drexxin – Council and prog healer for Elysium. Follow me on Twitter and find me on Gilgamesh as Drexxin Lyzael or Zeradin Kelduras, and on Sargatanas as Drex Xin.
Cover Image Credit – Square Enix. VOD footage for GIFs from myself, Mister Happy, Miunih Evans & Jz Ben



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